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Deep Cut Gardens

Last summer, my friend (who is also into photography) asked me to accompany her to a park in New Jersey called “Deep Cut Gardens” to take some photos. At first, I was a little hesitant to go because I didn’t think that I could get any great photos.

When I think of parks, I think of little kids running around screaming, a germ infested playground, a sandbox filled with children, gossiping mothers,miserable babysitters, proud parents, soccer moms, soccer games, ice-cream trucks and ice cream wrappers etc. etc. Oh, and lets not forget that this was in the middle of August and it was nearly 93 degrees outside. So, this was not very tempting at the time!

Then I thought, heck, why not, I could add some photos of families to the good ole portfolio. When we arrived there, I was in awe. It was not like any other typical park, nor was it like any other park that I had ever been to previously.

This park was amazingly beautiful. I mean STUNNING! If you ever have a chance to visit NJ, you must visit Deep Cut Gardens. It is 54 acres of beautiful trees, flowers and green houses. A photographer’s dream! I could not stop snapping photos!

I have attached the link, so check out the photos on the website. I am also attaching two photos of mine that I had taken when I was there.

Enjoy! I hope you embark on the journey to Deep Cut Gardens! It is absolutely gorgeous!


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The Cutest Animal EVER!! A Red Panda!!


My husband and I currently took a trip to the Philadelphia Zoo, and I decided to bring my camera. Although I am a teacher by day, I love to do photography as a hobby. I especially love  taking photos of animals. I was hoping to take some pictures of some interesting animals while I was there.When I came across this animal, I was saddened to read that the Red Panda is an endangered species due to poaching for their fur amongst other reasons. When I saw him, I just wanted to take him home! I fell in love instantly!

I am sure some of you have read or heard about this type of panda before, however, since I do not get out much, I have never heard of this cute little guy. Well, it is not everyday you get to see a Red Panda, so you could imagine how excited I was and photo happy. You would have thought this panda was famous. I felt like I was the papparazzi.My husband was actually getting embarrassed. He’s like “Alright, enough photos, you’re embarrassing me. There are other animals here.” As he was pretending he did not know me.. lol

Anyway…. I decided to look up some information about the Red Panda and here is what I found:

They generally are found in the slopes of the south of the Himalayas and the mountainous forests However, currently the red panda is classified as endangered, with an estimated population of fewer than 2,500 mature individuals. Their population continues to decline due to habitat fragmentation, combined with poaching for their fur, and their low birth rate and high death rate in the wild.called the lesser panda, fire cat, and fat fox (

Well, I hope you found the Red Panda as interesting as I do. He was so cute, I just wanted to take him home. Check out my photos and let me know what you think! If you want to go check him out he is at the Philadelphia Zoo.