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You know you have A.D.D. when…

You know you have A.D.D. when…

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1. You put things that do not belong in the refrigerator.

2. You have said “Where are my keys?” at least 20 times in one day.

3. Your child reminds you where your things are and even helps you with directions!

4. You go on the hunt for your cellphone every.single.goddamn. day.

5. You have been fired or almost fired from a job (in my case three!)-I suck.

6. Piles. Piles. everywhere…

7. You avoid doing boring tasks at all costs.

8. You can clean your house in 2.5 seconds when you know someone is coming over but very rarely do you clean your house.

9. Food shopping takes too much mental effort. You lose the list anyway so what is the point?

10. Eh…. the car….. you swear to yourself that you are going to keep your car clean this time…but…. yea, that never happens.

11. You are SUPER forgetful. Your short term memory is shot.

12. Your long term memory never existed. “Remember that one time when we played football at my house?” “Yeah…Ummm. no sorry.”

13. People always, always ask you to repeat yourself because you tend to mumble.

14. Organization is non-existent. You have all intentions of being organized and really try to implement organizational systems but they seem to always fall through.

15. You pin different organization techniques on Pinterest but that never happens.

16. You fill out your calendar after the fact.

17. You really try to remember appointments in your mind but you tend to forget.

18. Being on time…What is that?

19. You are looking for your debit card only to find out ten minutes later that it is in your cellphone pocket that you bought for that purpose.

20. Your spouse refuses to give you their spare keys because you already have lost the second set.

21. This goes for the spare house key.

22. You have lost count of the many times when you ran out of gas, locked yourself out of the house or locked your keys in the car.

23. You have left your cell on top of your car. Yes, this has happened to me.

24. You go to do something and then totally forget what it is that you were just about to do.

25. You are in search of your phone only to realize that you are actually on your phone.

26. Your work desk looks like a bomb went off on it.

27. You have 10 old deactivated debit cards on your dresser. Each time you lost one, you deactivate it only to find it days later.

28. Where is that damn debit card?!

29. You pay with the deactivated debit card and not the new one. Although you have the new one in your purse, you also have the old one because you forgot to throw it away. It will probably stay in there for quite some time.

30. You hate talking on the phone. Texting is the preferred mode of communication. You will have a breakdown if you feel like you cannot get off the phone.

31. Commitments? Yea, no. What are those?

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