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“You’re (not) Glowing!”

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If I received a dollar for each and every time someone said to me “You’re glowing!” I would be friggin’ rich. Every time someone tells me that I am glowing, I reach for my mirror in a desperate attempt to try to see what it is exactly that the other person is seeing. After taking a quick glance of my pregnant face, I think to myself, “How the HELL am I glowing?” I mean really…… I have acne, a double chin, a chubby face, and a fat ass. Sometimes I think people just say that because they think it is what should be said to all pregnant women. My step mother even got me a shirt that says “You glow girl!” for christ’s sake. And do you think I am actually out there proudly sportin’ that shirt? HELL NO. I sure as hell do not want to attract any more attention to myself than I already receive. When I am out in public, people are constantly gawking at me like I have three heads, like they have never seen a pregnant woman before…. No this is not a beer gut.

Trust me, I am ecstatic and feel blessed that I am pregnant, and I am by no means trying to be cynical… but I just do not see this “glow” that people supposedly see when they look at me…I mean, come on. really…. how the HELL am I glowing?? Is it the extra oil on my face that my pregnant body keeps producing?  I have gained 50 lbs already, my boobs are triple the size they once were, my face has completely filled in, I sweat like a horse, I am always out of breath, I get acne like a hormonal teenager, and my pants are bursting at the I think it is really sweet that people compliment me, but I really wish I could see this so called “glow” that they see because I sure as hell do not see it! lol.

3 thoughts on ““You’re (not) Glowing!””

  1. Haha, you made my day 🙂 I feel like I wrote this myself! You are not alone. I’m 3 days overdue and turn 31 in 3 days. Never once have I seen this glow they speak of and I don’t go out anymore because I’m sick if people gawking. Counting down the days… All the best to you 🙂

    1. Thank you. I am glad to know that I am not alone! I just do not see the glow that they speak of. I do love some aspects of pregnancy, but truly do not see this glow!! lol!! Take care, good luck and thank you for reading my post/ commenting. xoxox

  2. Ladies, I hate to tell you but enjoy the non- glowing time while you can 😉 as a mum of three, I have come to the conclusion that the “glow” most probably refers to “clean of”:
    -milk spurting, dripping boobs, preferably in public with no spare top or even tissues at hand to weaken the flow,
    -shoulders freckled with “wet burbs” and the therefore constant “aura” of sickly smell surrounding you 😉 on a positive note : the’re worth it !!

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