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The English Teacher in Me

Ok.. to those who just read my post “Some people call me crazy,” I saw a lot of mistakes in the post. Since I am a teacher, I always read and edit my posts after I publish them. So hopefully you can reread it and see that I am not that stupid… lol. Well, I will be sure to edit my posts before I publish them!!! I am sure there are other teachers who proofread their posts too. Well, I realized I need to stop typing so fast to avoid the mistakes. I am sure there are other mistakes. LOL. Hopefully, you can reread it so it makes more sense now.

4 thoughts on “The English Teacher in Me”

  1. Typing fast lets those creative juices flow. I find that if I slow down too much I don’t get the message I want to get out across. I admit it, I’m not an English teacher but I do proof read my posts. Sometimes, I read them like I “think” them not necessarily how I write them. Oh well, it all comes out in the wash!

  2. Most people find it impossible to proofread their own writing. Over time, I’ve learned the most common mistakes I make (like typing “it” when I mean “is”), so I’ve gotten better, but far from perfect.

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