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Do you have ADD? Here are some of the experiences I have dealt with as a person with ADD.

I was diagnosed with A.D.D. at the age of twenty five. I kind of knew that I had it because it is in my family. My brother struggled with the disability and my biological father has it. Anyway, here are some of the things I struggle with and face…… almost on a daily basis!

1.You always lose things: you cannot find your car keys, debit card, and cell phone.
2.When you go to pay at a register you find that you hold up the line because you have to dig through your unorganized purse to find your debit card or cash.
3.You keep your cell on silent because you know you cannot hold your attention long enough to hold a conversation with someone, so this is the easiest way to avoid that type of situation.
4.People have gotten mad at you for interrupting them. You find it extremely annoying when they say to you “Can you just listen?” or ‘Are you listening?”
5.You find that you talk fast or mumble depending on the person you are talking to. When they ask you to repeat yourself it just frustrates you even more, and increases the odds of being more nervous when you speak to them again in the future.
6.You are very creative and have multiple projects that are in the works or are left unfinished.
7.You make promises but break them.
8.You overcompensate to make up for your weaknesses.
9.You have found that your impulsiveness has gotten you in trouble. You do not think before you speak and therefore make the wrong comments sometimes.
10.You have a difficulty maintaining friends because you struggle with following through with plans.
11. You are always late to appointments, but never late to work. It is all about how important it is to you.
12.You have lots of energy. It has benefited you because you come off as being enthusiastic and energetic. However, some take your excessive energy as being hyper or crazy.
13. Your memory is horrible. You go to do something and then you completely forget what it is that you were supposed to be doing.
14.You break promises a lot. This is because you want people to like you. You are so used to people disliking you because of your ADD, so you make promises but then later forget about those promises.
15.You lose your patience quickly.
16.You overreact. You have the tendency to make mountains out of molehills.
17.People constantly tell you to “calm down.”
18.You are obsessive about your writing. You will write something sloppily at first but then will rewrite it until it is perfect.
19.You always have to get the last word in.
20.You hyper focus on certain tasks, but lack in getting other tasks complete.
21.You put things off until the very last minute.
22.You constantly lose things!
23.You also have depression and anxiety.
24. Piles! Piles! Piles!
25. You are a workaholic
26.It is difficult to keep up with your household chores and duties when you work full-time.
27.Meeting deadlines and paying bills on time is a definite struggle!
28. You are unorganized.

6 thoughts on “Do you have ADD? Here are some of the experiences I have dealt with as a person with ADD.”

  1. My boys have ADD .- borderline – according to the docs, meaning they concentrate enough at the beginning of the test and then completely lose it half way though – life is difficult to say the least as you well know, but then again, looking back at my life as a kid and the way I am now, they´ve probably got it from me only back then it was unknown and I was considered to be a dreamer 😉

    oh, you need to add more tags to your posts, between 5 and 10 at the least to attract more traffic to your blog, I made the same mistake when I first started 😉

  2. Your boys may have one type of ADD. There are different types. I was diagnosed with the Impusivity, innattentive type–minus the hyperactive aspect. My brother has ADHD and was placed in Special Education his whole life. I was always an overcompensator, overachiever, and although I had to work twice as hard to get where I wanted to be, no one really saw me as having ADD. They just saw me as funny, creative and “weird.”I would spend 6 hours studying for a test in college and still receive a B. I think what led me to my diagnosis three years ago was that since my job is so demanding and requires a lot of work, it became too much to handle. I got a diagnosis and received treatment. Although I still struggle in certain aspects of my life, I can actually say I feel like my life is much more easier.I can actually say that ADD brings out the best in me. You may as well have it… It is hereditary, so that is probably where your sons got it from.–no doubt.
    P.s. how does the tagging work?? I am not too technologically saavy! lol. Thanks for comment again!!! (:

    1. I think ADD and ADHD are still very unknown here, quite often it is just a case of medication issued without propper tests. My boys can´t concentrate at all, they have to be told/asked/reminded repeatedly to do something it drives me nuts sometimes. Treatment, i.e. teaching them to cope with life and to get into a routine is far between where I life, i.e. non-existing, so we just struggle on. I struggle to keep to a routine myself and if I´m thrown off balance then I lose it, too, so I find a routine is mega important. I know what you mean about work becoming too much to handle, I feel like that sometimes and last year I completely lost the ballance of work/family life and got ill. But (straying into the other toppic – my kids keep me sane ;-)).
      Tagging: when you write a post, you can add tags at the bottom right of the screen, you can write ADD,life,my life,… for example, always separated by a comma, no space inbetween. Up to 10 tags are recommended and I always stick to about me,life,my life and then add post related once, too. Try it and if it does not work, let me know and I´ll post of picture to show you what I mean, ok?
      P.S. I really like your blog, keep it up 🙂

  3. I also feel that it is unknown, and also over diagnosed sometimes. It is a shame that your boys cannot concentrate. You must have a lot of patience, and that is good because they need the support from you.I have found that I need a lot of patience since I am a special education teacher. Thankfully, I have an emense amount of patience. I think my patience mostly comes from the fact that I can relate to my students and what they are going through, and how they feel. I agree, that implementing a routine is key. I have tried to put a routine in place on the weekends, but that was an epic fail. During the week, I am forced into a routine since I teach, and it helps me. Sometimes, I find myself struggling mainly with organization. When you said that you took 6 hours to file at work, I can totally relate to that. I am always working extra hours at school and home to keep up. I even spemd hours keeping myself organized. Thank you so much for your compliment on my blog. I have spring break this week, so I will be able to post more. I really like your blog too. I feel like I can relate to you in many ways. I see a lot of myself in your posts. What is the point of tagging? Does it link readers to something? How do I do it? I am also struggling with uploading photos. Just wondering…

  4. Admittedly, sometimes I lose my patients and just runt and rave, only to feel guilty afterwards :-(. I am soo glad you can relate to my 6 hour filing session, I thought anyone reading it must think I am a messy 😉 What´s worse, I know that in a weeks time, when I am on leave, it will be just as messy when I come back because my colleagues don´t bother with my filing, either :-(.
    As for the tagging, this is how people “find” you and get to read your posts so it is really important to tag propperly. I didn´t know when I first started a couple of years ago and gave up again after two months because I felt kind of lonely with noone looking at my postings – silly I know because deep down I am blogging for myself but it is still nice to get some feedback. So, I usually use “about me,my life,life as a general tag and then more specific tags, too. I also use a personal blog reading system (have to look it up again to tell you where exactly it is). When I click on about me, for example, all the blogs tagged with about me come up. The same applies to blogs I follow. It is so much easier this way and you get to read blogs you´d normally never come across because there are so many here.

  5. It´s under “read blogs” then add a topic and you can add as many topics as you like and all the blogs with that tag come up then.
    Additionally, it helps if you add a “follow my blog via e-mail” button to your blog, this way, it´s easier to find and people, and you of course, will see how many “followers” you have. You can find this under “widgets”. Personally, I do not like to have to enter my e-mail address but with this button, people don´t have to, thus keeping it more private. (that´s because I am too non-technical minded to create a special no-name-give away e-mail account). I once tried it, had it re-directed to my normal e-mail account which then sends messages to my Iphone only to find that when I replied it stated re-directed from “firstnamesurname@….de – duuuhh, how daft am I 😉

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