Getting Older…

I have noticed that as I get older, my life starts to change. Now, being that I am only twenty eight years old, you would think that your body would not change until you had children or until you are in your late forties. I have not had children yet and am not sure what triggered such a premature change in my health, appearance etc…

Ok, here are a few things that have changed ever since I turned 28. This kind of depresses me because I can only imagine how much my body will change as I get older.

1.I have developed allergies and asthma.
2.I needed to get glasses.
3.Heartburn and acid reflex
4.Inability to stay up past 12 am
5.Joint stiffness…like seriously?
6.Get tired much more easier
7.My idea of a good time is watching t.v. wearing my pjs
8.Not attached to my cellphone like I used to be
9.Don’t care about having a lot of friends. Now it is more about quality over quantity.
10.Chronic sinusitis
11.Gained about 30 lbs and am not concerned about it.
12. Do not place as much emphasis on my appearance in the way of tanning, getting nails done etc. The only good thing is that I have not found a gray hair!
13. I love to knit!

These are just some of the things that I have noticed changed since being in my late twenties. To be honest, it makes me worry about what will happen in my thirties.
Oh well!
I guess this is growing up!

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